Advising Information

DegreeWorks is a web based degree audit application and academic advisement tool that provides a clear and convenient method for students and advisors to track degree progress. Degree Works can be accessed through the Advising Tab on My Charleston (  Please take time to review the DegreeWorks Help Resources located on the Help & Training tab.

Political Science majors that have completed 18 POLS credit hours (including POLI 205) that have at least a 2.5 overall GPA and normally a 2.8 POLS GPA are eligible to participate.  Please discuss with your advisees when appropriate and encourage them to contact the associate chair Dr. Jordan Ragusa for full details.  POLI 402 (field internship) course requirements in the fall or spring semester include: a paid or unpaid field internship (140 hours, 10-15 hours per week during semester), attendance to POLS 402 class, a research paper, journal and other class assignments.  Visit Local Internship Options and Course Requirements  for more information.

Pre-Law Advising
Dr. Claire Wofford serves as the College of Charleston Pre-Law Advisor.  Resources for students can be found on the pre-law advising website.