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Model AU, Model OAS and Model UN

The POLI 266 International Diplomacy course provides students with a chance to prepare for and participate in the College delegation to the Organization of American State or the African Union. Participants gain experience in international diplomacy, negotiation, and policy-making. During the first part of the semester, students prepare their roles and then participate in an international model in Washington, D.C. Spanish skills are useful, but not required for the Model OAS experience. Interviews are required and conducted in late October. Enrollment is through the instructor. Only students with a GPA of at least a 2.5 in overall coursework are eligible for consideration.

The POLI 379 Model United Nations course is a simulation of the meeting of main governing bodies of the United Nations, such as the General Assembly, Security Council, and various committees. This course is designed for students interested in learning about the work of international organizations, and specifically, the United Nations. It will focus on the issues and goals of the UN and will help students understand the foundations of international diplomatic procedures and protocols. In preparation for meetings students will also learn about global issues and about specific countries they represent – their history, culture, foreign policy, regional, and international relations.

  • For more information about Model UN, contact Dr. Max Kovalov. Additional information can be found here.