Special Topic Courses

Fall 2020 Special Topic Course Descriptions

POLI 359.1 ST: African Wars (Day)

African wars and their catastrophic human costs have long been of interest to scholars and policy makers alike. This course will examine historical and contemporary issues of peace and security in Africa. Topics include: the causes and outcomes of civil wars; the organization and behavior of armed groups; civil-military relations and counterinsurgency; peace operations and humanitarian intervention; and newer forms of political violence, such as electoral violence and the militarization of anti-poaching operations in national parks. Students will conduct research on forms of violent conflict in different sub-regions in Africa.

POLI 399.1 ST: Exile (McGinnis)

This course theorizes exile – the involuntary expulsion of a citizen from their community – as a specifically political phenomenon. Beginning with an examination of political community and inclusion, the course will progress to explore historic and contemporary forms of political expulsion and their relationships with different legal and political regimes. The course will conclude with a critique of contemporary iterations of exile in liberal democracies like the United States.