Mark Long


Address: JC Long, 9 Liberty Street, Room 217
Office Hours: By appointment only
Phone: 843.953.5724

Mark Long has taught geography courses in the political science department since 2002, on topics about the European Union, food, and the world’s regions. The majority of those courses have been taught in Charleston, but Long has also led educational excursions through the study abroad program to Germany, the UK and Spain. Dr. Long's courses are primarily concerned with challenging students to understand how the world has changed over recent centuries in ways that structure everything from what we eat, to how we organize politically, to how we see ourselves. Dr. Long received his initial training in European Studies and modern European Languages at the National University of Ireland, Cork, where he also completed his MA in European Studies, with extended study abroad in Spain. He completed his Ph.D. in geography at the University of South Carolina in 2001. His research is concerned with intersections between visual culture and place, and he has published on street art, editorial cartoons and flags. In his work as a curator, Long has curated shows of landscape photography from Antarctica to Afghanistan to the American West by award-winning American and international artists. Recently, he co-curated Southbound: Photographs of and about the New South and Legitimacy of Landscape, an exhibition of Yaakov Israel’s photographs of the Arab Villages in Israel at the Museum for Islamic Art in Jerusalem.


Ph.D., University of South Carolina
M.A., B.A., University College Cork, Ireland
Field of Specialization: Political Geography; Europe