Jordan Ragusa

Associate Professor and Associate Chair

Address: JC Long, 9 Liberty Street, Room 206
Office Hours: By appointment only
Phone: 843.953.5724
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Jordan Ragusa joined the department in 2011 and became Associate Chair of the department in 2019.  Dr. Ragusa has a Ph.D. and M.A. from the University of Florida and a B.S. in secondary education from Bowling Green State University in Ohio. 

Dr. Ragusa’s research focuses on the U.S. Congress, with specific interests on the effect(s) of political parties, polarization, and legislative organization on roll-call behavior and the policymaking process.  His published work also includes research on the presidency, congressional and presidential elections, political behavior, and political economy.

Dr. Ragusa is the author of two books: "Congress in Reverse: Repeals from Reconstruction to the Present" (University of Chicago Press, with Nate Birkhead) and "First in the South: Why the South Carolina Presidential Primary Matters" (University of South Carolina Press, with Gibbs Knotts).  He has published in the journals: Political Research Quarterly, Perspectives on Politics, American Politics Research, Political Science Quarterly, Journal of Political Science, Research & Politics, and the Journal of Elections, Public Opinion, and Parties.

Dr. Ragusa is also the co-director of the College's American Politics Research Team and a research fellow in the Center for Public Choice and Market Process.

Recent Publications

Amira, Karyn, Johnson, Lauren R., Deon McCray, and Jordan M. Ragusa. 2019. "Adversaries or Allies? Donald Trump's Republican Support in Congress" Perspectives on Politics 17(3): 756-71.

Johnson, Lauren, Deon McCray, and Jordan M. Ragusa. 2019. "#NeverTrump: Why Republican Members of Congress Refused to Support Their Party’s Nominee in the 2016 Presidential Election.” Research & Politics.

Craven, Jamie, Jordan M. Ragusa, and John Thevos. 2017. “Palmetto State Primaries: An Examination of South Carolina’s Nomination Contests.” Journal of Political Science.

Ragusa, Jordan M. 2017. “An Examination of Congressional Efforts to Repeal the Affordable Care Act.” In Lawrence C. Dodd and Bruce Oppenheimer, Congress Reconsidered, Washington, D.C.: CQ Press.

Ragusa, Jordan M. 2017. “Do the Rich Deserve a Tax Cut? Public Images, Deservingness, and Americans’ Tax Policy Preferences.” In Bart Meuleman, Femke Roosma, Tim Reeskens, and Wim van Oorschot, The Social Legitimacy of Targeted Welfare, London: Edward Elgar Press.

Cooper, Chris, Gibbs Knotts, and Jordan M. Ragusa. 2016. “The Constrained Governor: Gubernatorial Decision-Making and Senate Appointments.” Political Research Quarterly 69 (3): 482-494.

Ragusa, Jordan M., and Anthony Gaspar. 2016. “Where’s the Tea Party? An Examination of the Tea Party’s Voting Behavior in the House of Representatives.” Political Research Quarterly 69 (2): 361-372.

Ragusa, Jordan M. 2016. “Partisan Cohorts, Polarization, and the Gingrich Senators.” American Politics Research 44 (2): 296-325.

Knotts, Gibbs, and Jordan M. Ragusa. 2016. “The Nationalization of Special Elections for the U.S. House of Representatives.” Journal of Elections, Public Opinion, and Parties 26 (1): 22-39.

Ragusa, Jordan M., and Matthew Tarpey. 2016. “The Geographies of Economic Voting in Presidential and Congressional Elections.” Political Science Quarterly 131(1): 101-132.


Ph.D., University of Florida
M.A., University of Florida
B.S., Bowling Green State University
Field of Specialization:  American politics and research methodology