Extracurricular Activities

Student Organizations and Clubs

College of Charleston Model United Nations
The Model UN provides students a great opportunity to examine some of the most timely and significant issues of the global agenda and to participate as a delegate representing a particular country's interests. Participants need to become familiar with the history, culture, economy and politics of the country they will represent in order to fully internalize its many facets and see the world through the eye of that country. Student participants will then be able to develop its foreign policy and forcefully present its position. Just as the real United Nations, it is governed by a set of rules and procedures that students participating must learn.

Faculty Contact: Max Kovalov, kovalovm@cofc.edu

Political Science Club
The Political Science Club is an active, multi-partisan organization for students interested in politics. Many are majors or minors, but not all. The Club is dedicated to promoting dialogue and debate about important political issues, encouraging students to become active in local and national politics, sponsoring speakers, community service activities, and faculty-student socials. The Club is sanctioned by the SGA, receives an annual budget and is run by students elected by the Club. This is an excellent way to gain some leadership experience and meet other people interested in politics!

South Carolina Student Legislature
Delegations from colleges and universities across the state convene in Columbia to participate in a mock state legislative session held in the House Chambers of the SC Capitol each November. Students write, sponsor, and debate bills and then vote on passage. A committee structure, chamber leadership positions, and staff roles give students an opportunity to experience the legislative process first-hand. There is also a mock trial giving students the opportunity to argue a case before the state Supreme Court. The College of Charleston consistently sends one of the strongest, most successful delegations in the state and has won numerous awards.

Student Government Association
The Student Government Association (SGA) is a campus organization that serves as the voice of the undergraduate student body. The duty of each senator is to be an instrument of positive change for students at the College of Charleston. Senators work with the Executive Council and Board to approve new student organizations, allocate funds to these organizations, pass resolutions, and collaborate with faculty and administration to help students gain more access to resources and opportunities. Examples of recent changes brought to campus by SGA include free feminine hygiene products in campus restrooms, discounted and free rides with Charleston Green Taxi, free umbrellas on campus for the unexpected downpour, and a CARTA bus route from campus to Harris Teeter.

The Student Senate meets weekly and holds nine voting positions for every class at the College. Students are welcome to attend. Contact sga@cofc.edu for more information.

The Political Science Urban Garden and Garden Apprenticeship Program
This  on-campus organization supports the promotion and implementation of urban agriculture initiatives throughout the Charleston community with the goal of furthering social and environmental justice and sustainability. The organization seeks to provide fresh, organic, local produce to the community.

College Republicans and College Democrats
These two organizations involve students directly in local, state, and national political party activities. In providing a forum for educational activities related to the role of political parties, the organization also affords students the opportunity to work on the campaigns of party candidates and in the party organizations.

Students interested in any of these organizations or one of the others sponsored by the College should seek information from the Campus Life website.

Volunteer Opportunities

The Center for Civic Engagement
This College of Charleston center refers students to local nonprofit service opportunities that range from one-day events to year long mentoring programs in the community. The Center is located in Room 203 of the Lightsey Center on Calhoun Street near the College of Charleston Bookstore. The phone number is 843.953.5838 and the email address is volunteer@cofc.edu.

Local Trident United Way
Provides information about area nonprofits looking for volunteers

Charleston County Community Resource Directory