The following awards and scholarships are available to political science majors. A faculty committee recommends candidates for the Department’s consideration and the awards are presented at the Political Science Student Awards Ceremony and Reception held annually in April. In some cases there are specific deadlines for applications, while in others eligibility is based purely on grades and therefore do not require applications. Talk with your advisor about your eligibility.

Dengate Scholarships and Awards

  • Freshman Dengate Scholarship: This scholarship is awarded to an incoming freshman with a superior high school record and high test scores, who shows academic and intellectual promise and has indicated an interest in pursuing a career in public service at the national or local level. The scholarship, normally $1,500 annually, is renewable for up to four years assuming the recipient maintains a 3.6 overall grade point average. Application details to be announced.
  • Sophomore/Junior Award: Monies earned in excess of the principal in the Dengate fund are awarded to an outstanding sophomore or junior political science major. Award sums are variable and non-renewable. 

Harper Keeler Award

A $200 award given to an outstanding rising senior in political science in recognition of her/his academic excellence. This award is non-renewable.

W.N. Looper Award

The W.N. Looper Award is named in memory of W.N. Looper, who attended the College of Charleston in the 1940s. Mr. Looper was a decorated veteran of World War II and became an educator, coach, and mentor. The award was established to provide financial support for College of Charleston students majoring in either communication or political science who complete a summer internship on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C. The award may be used to support the student's living expenses during their time in Washington. A total of $3,000 is awarded to one student. 

William V. Moore Endowed Scholarship in Political Science

This renewable award is made to a rising sophomore who has great potential to promote understanding among diverse groups of people and to improve the political, economic, social and/or cultural life of South Carolina. The award, normally $1,000 annually, is renewable up to three years assuming the recipient meets the grade point average requirement. This scholarship will be awarded to a "rising sophomore" (a current freshman who will be a sophomore in Fall 2020). Application details to be announced.

Burnet Rhett Maybank Award

A non-renewable award given to an outstanding rising junior or rising senior from South Carolina. First preference is given to students who are not receiving other College of Charleston scholarships. Award sums are variable. Application details to be announced.

School of Humanities and Social Sciences Awards

The School of Humanities and Social Sciences has more scholarship opportunities, which can be found here.


Additional opportunities for financial assistance may be available to support internships, study abroad, research, conferences, and the like; please consult with your academic advisor.