Student Research

There are plenty of opportunities for political science majors to get involved with research projects at the College of Charleston. In addition to our ongoing research teams (American Politics Research Team and Environmental Policy Research Group), most of our faculty are willing and eager to support independent research. Discuss the opportunities available with your professor(s) and discover how best to achieve your goals.

The following courses offer credit for those students, typically juniors and seniors, who are pursuing research projects:

POLI 400 – Tutorials offer an opportunity for one-on-one instruction with a faculty member in a content area of mutual interest. This course is available to juniors and seniors only. Repeatable for up to 6 credit hours.

POLI 401 – Independent study courses offer a way to design an independent reading/research project in consultation with a faculty member. The amount of reading/research proposed will determine the credit awarded (1-3). Repeatable for up to 6 credit hours.

POLI 499 – The Bachelor’s Essay is a 6-credit, independent research and writing project completed during your senior year under the close supervision of a faculty advisor. You are required to present your research at the annual William V. Moore Student Research Conference in the spring semester.

All courses require the approval of the Department Chair prior to enrollment.